Everyday Hero – Ultimate Sportsmanship

25 06 2009

Summary: Western Oregon softball player Sara Tucholsky hit her first career HR (and her last), but only because of some help from her opponents.  After the hit, she initially missed stepping on first base from the excitement and when she turned to head back to it, she tore her ACL.  That is when two players on the opposing team decided to pick her up, carry her around the bases (dropping her low enough to touch each one as they passed it), and allow Sara to add a HR to her record.

My turn: This is a truly inspiring story and probably the best example of sportsmanship that I have ever seen!  Would I have done the same thing if I were on the opposing team?  It is hard to say, but I sure hope so.  Too many times we are more focused on winning than we are with good sportsmanship.

Your turn: Is women’s softball the only place something like this would happen?  Do you think this would happen in a MLB game or even in a Division I college game?  Would you have carried her around the bases?