Under Armour – We Must Protect This House

12 09 2009

Everyday Hero – Sourena Vasseghi

1 09 2009

Summary: Sourena Vasseghi was born with Cerebral Palsy and has been confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering motivating speeches and being an inspiration to the USC football team.  He is the author of the award winning and critically acclaimed book entitled “Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back”.  He graduated from USC with a degree in marketing and has been a regular visitor to USC games and practices.

My turn: It is great to see Pete Carroll and the rest of the Trojans using Sourena as a source of inspiration and allowing him to share his gifts with the team.  This is just another example of how people can overcome setbacks and live a fulfilling life.

Your turn: Any thoughts on this story?

Growing To Greatness

24 08 2009

Everyday Hero – A Fisherman’s Tale

7 08 2009

Summary: If you have not heard the story of Clay Dyer before, you need to.  For reasons doctors cannot explain, Clay was born without his legs or left arm and has only an appendage for a right arm.  But that does not stop him from doing what he loves to do – fish.  He refuses to use any special equipment because he wants to do what everyone else does, the way they do it, and does not want to be treated differently.

My turn: I am a fisherman myself and I understand how difficult it can be to tie your line, change lures, and unhook a fish.  Clay goes out there and does this with only one appendage and has to use his tongue and teeth to bait his hook and do what I do with two perfectly working hands.  I love this story because it shows someone who does what they love no matter what the circumstances!

Your turn: Do you have a similar story to share?  If so, let me know!  What do you think of this story?  Any opinions?

Want to learn more about Clay?  Visit his site:


Top 10 – Motivational Coaches In NFL History

27 07 2009
Photo: beachgold.net

Photo: beachgold.net

Check out this list on the NFL’s website of the top 10 motivational coaches in NFL history: link.  My favorite coach, Vince Lombardi, is number 1!!!