Everyday Hero – Sourena Vasseghi

1 09 2009

Summary: Sourena Vasseghi was born with Cerebral Palsy and has been confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering motivating speeches and being an inspiration to the USC football team.  He is the author of the award winning and critically acclaimed book entitled “Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back”.  He graduated from USC with a degree in marketing and has been a regular visitor to USC games and practices.

My turn: It is great to see Pete Carroll and the rest of the Trojans using Sourena as a source of inspiration and allowing him to share his gifts with the team.  This is just another example of how people can overcome setbacks and live a fulfilling life.

Your turn: Any thoughts on this story?

Gatorade – Muhammad Ali Commercial

11 08 2009

Gatorade commercial about Muhammad Ali, boxing, and inspiration.

Guy At The Track

10 08 2009

Yesterday I was running at the track by my house when I saw an older gentleman running 400 meters intervals at a relatively fast pace.  I started my workout and he kept on running his.  It was very inspiring to see someone of that age (roughly 65) running so hard.  It was 85 degrees with a “real feel” of 105 and he was doing unbelievable.  I was there for around an hour and he was still trucking away.  There are little moments like these that happen in all of our lives that open our eyes.  I invite you to keep an open eye for these type of events and use them as motivation!

Inspiration Comes

8 08 2009

Lance Mackey – Wear Yellow

26 07 2009

Lance Mackey is featured in Lance Armstrong’s latest campaign – Wear Yellow.

Never Forget Your Beginner’s Spirit

23 07 2009
Never forget your beginner's spirit

Picture by Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong just posted this picture on Twitter and Facebook and I had to share it.  This is a picture of his bike and you can read a quote that says, “Never forget your beginner’s spirit”.  How cool is that!  If any of you out there are athletes then you can relate to exactly what the quote means.  As we grow as competitors it seems that the fun we used to have when we started can become lost.  How many people out there have a job?  Remember your first day of work and how excited you were?  Where did that passion go?  Take a few minutes today and think about this quote in your own life.  Maybe it will give you some inspiration to relive your beginner’s spirit too!