Never Forget Your Beginner’s Spirit

23 07 2009
Never forget your beginner's spirit

Picture by Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong just posted this picture on Twitter and Facebook and I had to share it.  This is a picture of his bike and you can read a quote that says, “Never forget your beginner’s spirit”.  How cool is that!  If any of you out there are athletes then you can relate to exactly what the quote means.  As we grow as competitors it seems that the fun we used to have when we started can become lost.  How many people out there have a job?  Remember your first day of work and how excited you were?  Where did that passion go?  Take a few minutes today and think about this quote in your own life.  Maybe it will give you some inspiration to relive your beginner’s spirit too!



3 responses

27 07 2009

This is SUCH a cool picture. Dave you hit it right on the head. The further we progress in the hierachy of our sport, the less of a “sport” it becomes and the more “work” it is. Excellent picture from an excellent sportsman.

27 07 2009
David Yingling

Thanks for the comment Ryan. I think Lance lives out this quote quite well. He just finished 3rd place in the Tour de France after being away from the sport for a while and you can tell that he really has fun racing. He isn’t so focused on winning that he can’t enjoy it at the same time and I love that about him.

26 03 2012
Michaela Jones (@MichaelaDJones)


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