Life is a Beautiful Struggle

19 07 2009


My turn: I came across this picture and it was really intriguing to me.  I have to agree with this saying because life is not easy by any means and there are always struggles that each of us needs to overcome.  At the same time, life is a beautiful thing and we are constantly learning from these struggles

Your turn: Do you agree with this saying?  Why or why not?




2 responses

19 07 2009

I agree with the quote completely. All life seems to be (and I think, is) is the constant struggle. It starts when we take our first breath, fight infection, so on. But to those who look at the ‘struggle’ that is our lives and think “fight,” “difficulty,” “strife,” don’t enjoy that same life as the person who speaks of ‘struggle’ and thinks “adapt,” “overcome,” “fortitude,” or an adjective like “beautiful.” It’s all just how you look at it.

21 07 2009
David Yingling

Very interesting perspective and I definitely agree with you! I have found that viewing difficult situations as “opportunities” makes them much smaller hurdles than viewing them in a negative way.

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