Famous Person Fact – Louis Pasteur

11 07 2009

Fact: Louis Pasteur was only a mediocre pupil in undergraduate studies and ranked 15th out of 22 students in chemistry.

Today: Louis became a chemist and microbiologist and is best known for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and preventions of disease.  He was best known to the general public for inventing a method to stop milk and wine from causing sickness – this process came to be called Pasteurization.



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24 01 2010
Le Brésil au XIXème et XXIème siècle « Neuroanthropology

[…] tuer 50 millions de personnes en Europe et en Asie et litteralement décimé la population. Depuis Louis Pasteur et les premiers microbiologistes, les grandes pandémies bacteriennes ont été presque éliminées. […]

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